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Everybody Belongs

  •  Everybody belongs in competitive teams
  •  Everybody belongs in active social bowls
  •  Everybody belongs in a champion bowls club
  •  Everybody belongs in a fun friendly community

Ashburton Bowls Club provides all levels of bowls competition, from beginners to elite bowlers – it has highly competitive Saturday and Tuesday teams; or you can just enjoy social bowls or individual roll ups.
Ashburton has a proud record of success. In recent times, we have won the Metropolitan Division 2 championship; and in 2011 a team from Ashburton won the State Women's Fours championship. Ashburton, has at its core, a friendly and fair culture for people of all backgrounds, genders and capabilities to enjoy bowls. Everybody can be a champion in their own way.

 Grow as a bowler with the lively skills development program structured to suit all developing bowlers. Enjoy free coaching individually or in groups. Each new member has a mentor to partner with to help them access all the opportunities.

 Bowls is a game for all ages; men and women can compete equally, and together. Competition is graded so everybody can compete at their skill level. Membership and playing costs are excellent value. It is easy and quick to get on the green and start bowling. And the development programs, coaches and mentors will get you on the jack. It is easy and quick to join. Join as a bowler and be part of a fun and friendly community.

  • Secretary           0407 987 030
  • President           0422 229 025